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Rising From the Ashes

Phoenix Health Studio was inspired by A Gentle Cleanse Colonic Health Center located in Henderson ,Nevada. A Gentle Cleanse opened in 2002, by the innovative leader in natural health modalities by Charlene Gullotta, Ms.,Health Educator. She lead thousands of Las Vegans and visitors to utilize the unique process of colon cleansing to initiate Detoxification from the inside for optimal health. A Gentle Cleanse focus is Cleanse, support with nutritional changes, and exercise to make pivotal changes in health.

A Gentle Cleanse mission is to improve one’s energy and live in optimal health so that we as individuals will have the Energy and health to contribute in the most extraordinary way on the planet. Her philosophy at is to take responsibility in one’s health to stay strong as individuals for longevity. It was made easy and accessible through her Colon cleansing system and simplified scientific biological proven methods of nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices.

A Gentle Cleanse merged with Phoenix Health Studio in 2011 and its traditions and philosophies continues to live on in The Studio today.

Health, Fitness and Longevity with Phoenix Health Studio

Charlene began her journey with Colon hydrotherapy in 1982 , when her own health was in jeopardy, and began colonics for the most profound healing. After graduating from UNLV, as a Health Educator, Charlene chose to use colonics as her basic first step for health and wellness. She guided and inspired thousands of Las Vegas local to utilize natural choices regarding optimal health, Specializing in Health,Fitness, & Longevity. She is a Certified Massage therapist, Master Hypnotherapist,  Colon Hydro-therapist with an MS., Health/Ed. Her own experience and knowledge as well as intuition accumulated into the creation of A Gentle Cleanse Health Center in 2002. A Gentle Cleanse became known as the number 1 health center in Nevada and frequented by Hollywood stars and Pro Athletes from around the country.

The best was yet to come when she met and married her then Client for colonics and nutrition, Dean Batley. Six months after they married, Charlene was diagnosed with Breast cancer. Instead of giving in to the rampant disease, Dean and she forged ahead and of course BEAT Cancer. Using her intuitive concepts of health to become stronger than ever in her life. As with the Phoenix rising from the ashes to share the secrets to Health, Fitness, and Longevity! tahoe 060

 Phoenix Health Studio uses the same key principals in promoting Health, Fitness, and Longevity using Detoxification as the primary starting point.

Phoenix Health Studio is the result of over 25 years of education and practice of Natural, Biological, and Holistic Health sciences. Colon Hydrotherapy has been available for over 25 years in Nevada however, the high-tech modern style equipment is only available with Phoenix Health Studio. Older types of colonic systems are invasive, and offer No privacy or modesty. Phoenix Health Studio uses the best in current equipment so that you have complete privacy, use of the THIN tube technology and are guided by trained therapists. Your experience at Phoenix Health will be exceptional! The cleanest, the most current and the most knowledge is guaranteed at Phoenix Health Studio.

The Phoenix is the primitive symbol for Regeneration and Transformation. Begin to change and transform your health today! Phoenix Studio for Health, Fitness, Life!

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